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The EV-0750F is a robust vacuum pump for industrial applications

This Oil lubricated Rotary Vane pump belongs to the well known EV-series and its robust design makes it suitable to run 24 hours a day in Industrial applications. It has an oil return system with float valve from the exhaust filter housing to the inlet flange to  make sure that the pump can work optimal in all vacuum levels. Due to its reliability the pump is oftenly used in applications like:

  • Vacuum packaging
  • Plastic industry
  • Wood industry
  • Pick & Placing applications
  • Food tecnology
  • Pneumatic conveying

It is only available in a 50Hz version.

Part Number

Ordering information Art.No.
3 phase; 400V; 50Hz 114001
No motor 114005


Specification Unit 50 Hz
Nominal displacement m3/h 750
Ultimate vacuum level mbar 0,1
Water vapour tolerance mbar 40
Water vapour capacity ltr/h 30
Motor power kW 18,5
Nominal speed rpm 1450
Noise level dB(A) 81
Operating temperature °C 88
Oil capacity ltr 19
Weight approx kg 550
Admissible ambient temperature °C 12-40
Connection inlet G(BSP) 3″
Connection outlet G(BSP) 3″


Accessoires Art.No.
Inlet dust filter with paper cartridge G 3″ 120800
Oil level switch, to monitor the minimum oil level 119910
Oil temperature maximum switch, to prefent the pump from overheating 119911
Electric oil heater with thermo control, for working at low temperatures 119916
Water cooling system 119913


Consumables Art.No.
Exhaust filter cartridge 120120A
Service kit 120499
Gasket kit 120490
Overhaul kit 100500
Mineral oil type EV-Mineral Oil-100 (1 ltr) 100100
Mineral oil type EV-Mineral Oil-100 (5 ltr) 100102
Mineral oil type EV-Mineral Oil-100 (20 ltr) 100103
Synthetic oil type EV-Synthetic Oil-500 (1 ltr) 100200
Synthetic oil type EV-Synthetic Oil-500 (5 ltr) 100202
Synthetic oil type EV-Synthetic Oil-500 (20 ltr) 100203
Food grade oil type EV-Foodgrade Oil-100 (1 ltr) 100300
Food grade oil type EV-Foodgrade Oil-100 (5 ltr) 100302
Food grade oil type EV-Foodgrade Oil-100 (20 ltr) 100303
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (paper) 1208001
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (polyester) 1208101
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (inox mesh) 1208201
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (activated charcoal) 1208301

Pumping speed curve

Pumping speed curve of the EV-0750F vacuum pump


Dimensions drawing of the EV-0750F vacuum pump

Dimensions (mm) W D H A B C E F G
EV-0750F 1650 860 600 240 757 567 575 567 625
485 3″ 37 37 3″ 620 1050 3xM12