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The EVT-NE series are Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pumps for chemical applications

Eurovacuum is the designated sales and service point for Turbo molecular pumps manufactured by KYKY Technology Development Ltd. from Beijing in China. These pumps are build for excelent quality. To proof there quality these pumps are supplied with a 18 month warranty, the best standard warranty in the business. The pumps are the ideal solution for applications which require the pumping of gasses with chemical content, due to this the they are oftenly used in applications like:

  • Furnaces and plants
  • Medicinal technology
  • Vacuum coating
  • Semi-conductor production

They are having the following advantage to the users:

  • 18 month warranty
  • Very good price/quality level
  • High pumping speed
  • Low noise level
  • Wide range of accessories available for easy adaptation
  • Protective coating inside the pump
  • Purge gas operation

Part number

Ordering information Art.No.
Turbo drag pump EVT-1200NE-LF with DN 200 ISO-K flange (excl. control unit & cable) 812200
Turbo drag pump EVT-1200NE-CF with DN 200 CF flange (excl. control unit & cable) 812201
TCDP-II controller and power supply 800040
Controller cable 2,5 m 800011
Controller cable 5 m 800012
Controller cable 10 m 800013
Controller cable 20 m 800014
Controller cable other lengths on request
Heating jacket for CF version; 230V AC 806020
Venting valve NC; 230V AC, 50/60Hz 250-533
Venting valve NC; 24V AC, 50/60Hz 250-531
Venting valve NC; 24V DC 250-530
Filter for venting valves 215-152
Venting valve NO; 200-230V, 50/60Hz 250-851
Venting valve NO; 24V DC 250-850
Delayed venting unit on request


Specification Unit EVT-1200NE-LF EVT-1200NE-CF
Pump type Compound/Drag Compound/Drag
Inlet Flange DN 200 ISO-K DN 200 CF
Fore vacuum Flange DN 40 KF DN 40 KF
Pumping speed (Air) l/s 1200 1200
Rotation Speed rpm 24.000 24.000
H2 Compression Ratio > 6x10E3 > 6x10E3
N2 Compression Ratio > 1x10E9 > 1x10E9
Ultimate Vacuum mbar < 6x10E-8 < 6x10E-9
Max. bake-out temperature °C 100 100
Run up Time min < 6 < 6
Control Unit TCDP-II TCDP-II
Input voltage V 220/110 ±10% 220/110 ±10%
Purge port DN 16 KF DN 16 KF
Cooling medium Water Water
Vibration µm < 0,1 < 0,1
Bearing type Ceramic Oil Ceramic Oil
Operating Orientation Vertical (±5°) Vertical (±5°)
Weight Pump kg 39 39

Pumping speed curve