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By signing up as a service partner you will gain free excess to all Eurovacuum customers that are looking for a place to get their vacuum equipment serviced. On our service centre page you will get a button with your company information.

How do I become a Eurovacuum service partner?
Fill in completely all the below fields and submit it to us. We will review all requests and give you a message when your request is approved. By sending this request to us you allow us to mention your company details as a service partner for Eurovacuum on our service centre page. We also ask you to commit to us by only using our Eurovacuum original spare parts to repair Eurovacuum products, this will give the end-user the advantage of obtaining the high quality of his Eurovacuum products. When you are in need of our spare parts then write us an e-mail and apply for the “Partner Service centre Discount”. We will support you to support us.

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