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EVPP series

The EVPP series the cost friendly dry running vacuum pump solution.

Eurovacuum EVPP series pumps are Dry running, so they do not require any oil. They are Air-Cooled and Direct Driven. They reach a good ultimate vacuum and are compact in design. Easy use due to air-cooling without any cooling water requirements. The pumps are direct driven, so they do not require belts.

Operating principle

The EVPP pumps operates according to the dry piston pump principal. The piston is moving up and down inside the cylinder driven by the crank shaft via a connecting rod. When moving down the proces air from the inlet side is being sucked inside the cilinder try the suction valve. When the cylinder is moving up again the air inside the cylinder is compresed closing the suction valve and opening the discharge valve sending the compresed air out of the pump or into the second cylinder in case of a double stage version. By doing so there will be a vacuum formed at the inlet of the pump. The pistons are equiped with a dry piston seal to prefent air leackage.

EVPP series product line