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EVCP series

The EVCP-series Dry Running Claw Compressors are used for applications up to 2 bar(g).

Eurovacuum’s Dry Running Claw Compressors operate according to the Single Stage Claw principal. Two in oposite direction rotating claws run within a housing. The shape of the claws allows the air to be sucked inside the pump and to be compressed towards the exhaust side, so the gas exits under pressure. The in the inlet mounted inlet filter prevents dust from entering the compresion chamber. The two claws are synchronised by gears and the flanged motor is direct driven.


Eurovacuum’s EVCP compressor are Oil Free, Single Stage, Air-Cooled and Direct Driven.
Compact Design- Reliability & Durability- Easy to maintain and operate.
Simple installation- Air-Cooled, No water required direct driven- standard design requires no belts.
Inlet filter and pressure regulate valve are standard supplied with most of the compressors.


Eurovacuum EVCP compressors are designed to be used in the following applications: Printing industry, Food technology, Refining process with clossed loop, Aeration of fouling towers, Beverage industry, Pneumatic conveying, Environment engineering, Aeration of settling tanks, Protection against cavitation of turbines and Flusing arrangement for filters..

EVCP-series product line