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The EVCP-0515 Dry Running Claw compressor

The EVCP-Series compressors are dry contact-less with modular constructions consisting of compartments: pumping and gear chambers are separated by using labyrinth seals. As two claws rotate in opposite direction, the air will be sucked in the pumping chamber, compressed and discharged under pressure. Two gears for synchronizing of claws rotation are placed inside the gear chamber and lubricated with appropriate gear oil. A dust filter on the inlet flange will prevent dust from entering the compression chamber. The compressors are directly driven by a flanged motor via a coupling. The claws and compression chamber have a TFE (Teflon) coating to protect the compressor against corrosion from moist in the inlet gasses.

Advantages to the user:

  • High Volume Flow
  • Oil free pumping chamber
  • Corrosion protection by teflon coating
  • Air cooling, no cooling water needed
  • Low energy usage
  • Very little maintenance needed
  • Non contact claw rotation
  • Direct drive

Part Number

Ordering information Art.No.
EVCP-0515; 0,8 bar; 15 kW; 3 phase; 400V; 50Hz 617051
EVCP-0515; 1,2 bar; 18,5 kW; 3 phase; 400V; 50Hz 617052
EVCP-0515; 1,6 bar; 22 kW; 3 phase; 400V; 50Hz 617053
EVCP-0515; 2,0 bar; 30 kW; 3 phase; 400V; 50Hz 617054


Specification Unit EVCP-0515
50 Hz 60 Hz
Nominal displacement m3/h 500 600
Ultimate pressure continues running bar 0,8/1,2/1,6/2,0 0,8/1,6/2,0
Motor power kW 15/18,5/22/30 18,5/30/37
Nominal speed rpm 2850 3450
Noise level dB(A) 81 (+/-2) 83 (+/-2)
Oil capacity gear box housing ltr 1,8 1,8
Weight approx kg 418/438/465/525 438/485/555
Admissible ambient temperature °C 5-40 5-40
Connection inlet G(BSP) 3″ 3″
Connection outlet G(BSP) 3″ 3″


Accessoires Art.No.
Check Valve G 3″ 80700
Inlet Dust Filter G 3″ 120800
Inlet Silencer G 3″ C40512100
Frequency control unit; controlled at pressure level 616901



Consumables Art.No.
Repair spray coating; can 400ml 10048900
Gasket kit EVCP-0405/0515 C405490P0
Overhaul kit EVCP-0515 C515500P0
Gear box oil type EV-Gear Oil-150 (1 ltr) 100500
Gear box oil type EV-Gear Oil-150 (5 ltr) 100502
Gear box oil type EV-Gear Oil-150 (20 ltr) 100503
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (paper) 80270

Capacity curve


Dimensions (mm) L W H A B C D E G
EVCP-0515 (15/18,5)/22/30 kW (1289)/1355/1410 672 1003 179 502 238 (-)/346/514 460 138
753 G3″ G3″ M12