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EVSL series

The EVSL-series is the Oil Free solution for medium vacuum applications.

Eurovacuum EVSL-series pumps are oil free scroll vacuum pumps and compressors. They provide a clean vacuum without oil contamination. Pumping from atmosphere to ultimate vacuum in seconds and suitable for repeated switch on/off operation. Suction, compression and discharge are processed continuously, resulting in minimum pressure pulsation, less vvbration and low noise. Any gas pockets are efficiently sealed ensuring minimum gas leak and back streaming. No oil or water is needed and there is no need for daily maintenance on the pumps.

Operating principle

The EVSL-series scroll pumps are constructed with: fixed scroll, orbiting scroll, main shaft, cooling fans, crank shaft kits and bracket. Their operating principle is based on two spiral cylinders, one offset and orbiting against the other with an offset of 180°. Thus several crescent-shaped pockets of differing sizes are created. By means of an eccentric drive, the orbiting scroll is made to orbit about the fixed
scroll, reducing the volume of the pockets and compressing gases from the outside towards the inside thereby pumping the gases from vacuum chamber.

EVSL-series product line