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Mechanical Vacuum Oil

Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps do need the correct lubrication for a proper working. There is a variety of oils to suit the specific pump or process. Eurovacuum offers a couple of differtent oils for this type of pumps:

  • EV-Mineral Oil (standard oil for our EV-pumps)
  • EV-Synthetic Oil (used in applications where the oils is required that withstand higer temperatures)
  • EV-Foodgrade Oil (used in applications in the food industry)
  • EV-Highvacuum Oil (standard oil for out EVD and EVR-pumps)
  • EV-Chemvacuum Oil (chemically inert oil for EV and EVD-pumps)
  • EV-PFPE (chemically inert, can’t oxiydize, suitable for EV and EVD-pumps)
  • EV-Arctic Oil (for use in leakdetectors and for cold start applications)