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EVT series

The EVT-series are the most reliable high vacuum pumps on the market.

Eurovacuum EVT-series Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pumps are rubust, reach a good ultimate vacuum and are easy to operate. They are available some different designs like: Integrated control or with external control unit, ceramic bearings with oil or grease lubrication and as classic turbo or with a drag stage. They can be chosen to come with a ISO-K or CF inlet flange.

Operating principle

The EVT-series  turbomolecular pumps employ multiple stages, each consisting of a quickly rotating rotor blade and stationary stator blade pair. The system works like a turbine that puts energy into the gas, rather than taking it out. Gas captured by the upper stages is pushed into the lower stages and successively compressed to the level of the fore-vacuum (backing pump) pressure. As the gas molecules enter through the inlet, the rotor, which has a number of angled blades, hits the molecules. Thus the mechanical energy of the blades is transferred to the gas molecules. With this newly acquired momentum, the gas molecules enter into the gas transfer holes in the stator. This leads them to the next stage where they again collide with the rotor surface, and this process is continued, finally leading them outwards through the exhaust.

EVT-series product line