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EVT series Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pumps systems

Eurovacuum is the designated sales and service point for Turbo molecular pumps manufactured by KYKY Technology Development Ltd. from Beijing in China. These pumps are build for excellent quality. To proof there quality these pumps are supplied with a 18 month warranty, the best standard warranty in the business. The pumps are the ideal solution for applications requiring rugged reliable and proven hardware, due to this the they are oftenly used in applications like:

  • Laboratory science
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Surface analysis
  • Sputtering
  • Evaporation systems

They are having the following advantage to the users:

  • 18 month warranty
  • High ultimate vacuum and pumping high gas throughput
  • Oil-free versions available with diaphragm pump
  • One-key smart start with adjustable time delays

Part Number

Ordering information Art.No.
Turbo system type EVT-FJ-80E Oil; DN 63 ISO-K 890080
Turbo system type EVT-FJ-80E Oil; DN 63 CF 890081
Turbo system type EVT-FJ-80E Dry; DN 63 ISO-K 890082
Turbo system type EVT-FJ-80E Dry; DN 63 CF 890083


Specification Unit Dry version Oil version
Turbo pump type Compound/Drag Compound/Drag
Inlet Flange DN 63 ISO-K/CF DN 63 ISO-K/CF
Pumping speed (N2) l/s 62 62
Pumping speed (He) l/s 55 55
Gas throughput, max. (N2/He) Sccm 100/80 100/80
Inlet pressure, max. Pa 10 10
Ultimate vacuum ISO-K flange mbar <3,5x10E-8 <3,5x10E-8
Ultimate Vacuum CF-flange mbar < 5x10E-9 < 5x10E-9
Bypass flange (Quick connection) ø10 ø10
Exhaust flange (Quick connection) ø8 ø8
Venting flange (Quick connection) ø8 ø8
Rotation speed rpm 72000 72000
TMP run-up time min <1,8 <1,8
Fore-vacuum pump Diaphragm pump Oil-sealed pump
Pumping speed fore-vacuum pump L/s 0,2 0,5
Ultimate vacuum fore-vacuum pump Pa 300 0,67
Cooling methode Air Air
Bake-out temperature °C <100 <100
Noise level dB(A) <55 <55
Permissible magnetic field ma. mT <3 <3
Main supply VAC 200-240 200-240
Weight kg 16 21