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EVM series

The EVM-series are Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps.

Eurovacuum EVM-series pumps are quiet running oil free vacuum pumps with high efficiency and a long lifetime. They are often used in medicine products analysis, fine chemical industry, biochemical pharmacy, food examinations and criminal investigation technology. The pumps are specially designed for use inside laboratories. There is a line of anti-corrosive pumps that is Teflon treated on the inside and hold PTFE material for materials that come into contact with the pumped gasses.

Operating principle

The crankshaft inside the pump housing is connected to 1 or 2 rods that move the diaphragm(s). The volume between the diaphragm and the cilinder head cover forms the compression chamber. By the movement of the diaphragm the air is sucked into the chamber thru the inlet valve when the rod is moved downwards. When the rod moves back up the air is compressed against the exhaust valve until it opens and it is exhausted thru the outlet.

EVM-series product line