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Vacuum Switch

The Adjustable Vacuum Switch

The Eurovacuum mechanical adjustable vacuum switch is specially designed to switch on/off many different kinds of vacuum pumps on the preferred vacuum level. By means of turning the button on the
top of the controller it is possible to set the vacuum level on which the switch is switched off and the hysteresis (pressure difference between switching on/off) button on the side of the unit is used to set
the point on which the switch is turned on again. It is possible to switch the pump directly without the need of any additional electrical components up to the maximum switching power.

Part Number

Ordering information Art.No.
Adjustable Vacuum Switch 119800


Specification Unit Ajustable Vacuum Switch
Vacuum range mbar 100 to 1000
Hysteresis range mbar 70 to 530
Proof pressure (max.) bar 5
Vacuum connection G(BSPT) 3/8″
Max. control voltage V 480VAC / 220VDC
Max. control current A 12(110VAC) / 3(24VDC)
Weight approx kg 1,2
Dimenisions LxWxH mm 177x126x77

Max. switching current

V / A 24V 48V 110V 220V 48V
AC  – 12A 10A 6A
DC 3A 1,5A 0,5A 0,25A