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Inlet Filter with KF & ISO-K Connection

These filters can be mounted on the intake side of Double Stage Rotary Vane, Piston or Scroll  vacuum pumps to protect the pump against particles, to protect the system against Oil mist from the vacuum pump or to trap condensable vapors. The filters consists of a corrosive resistant carbon steel housing with black powder coat finish. They are supplied with a lit and quick locking clamps. Quick changing of cartridges is possible and the filters have a high separation ratio. Typical vacuum level for the filters: 1·10-3mbar. The housings are suitable to be fitted with four different kind of filters:

Polyester cartridge
Separates particles down to 5 µm. Suitable for dry and moist processes. We use this filter as standard.

Activated Alumina  cartridge
Prevention against back-streaming and traps water and acid vapors.

Activated Charcoal  cartridge
Granulate filled cartridges provides greatest capacity to absorb gas or vapor odors.

Metal Wire Mess cartridge
Corrosive resistant material with large surface area, traps condensable particles and oil vapors.

Part Number

Connection Article number
KF16 with Polyester element* 778016
KF25 with Polyester element* 778025
KF40 with Polyester element* 778040
ISO63 with Polyester element* 778063
ISO100 with Polyester element* 778100

*All our filter housings come standard with a Polyester cartridge. If you need another type of cartridge then order this as an extra, see below section for the cartridge options.


Dimensions in mm

Connection A B øC D Flow (m3/h)
KF16 99 67 95 57 40
KF25 111 86 146 70 60
KF40 183 118 187 127 136
ISO63 292 152 195 165 357
ISO100 411 236 337 232 883

Replacement cartridges

Connection Polyester cartridge Activated alumina cartridge Activated charcoal cartridge Metal wire mess cartridge
KF16 7780161 7780162 7780163 7780164
KF25 7780251 7780252 7780253 7780254
KF40 7780401 7780402 7780403 7780404
ISO63 7780631 7780632 7780633 7780634
ISO100 7781001 7781002 7781003 7781004