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Liquid Separator with ball & tap

These liquid seperators serves as a protection from condensate and liquids on the suction side of vacuum pumps. The seperator tanks are made of stainless steel and consists of built-in demister insert at upper part of the separator, solenoid valve, check valves and level switch with controls for auto drainage during operation without stopping the process


Part Number

Ordering Information Liquid separator
G 2-1/2″ Liquid Separator EVFL-C2.5 777922
G 3″ Liquid Separator EVFL-C3 with switch 777923
G 3″ Liquid Separator EVFL-C3 777924
G 2″ Liquid Separator EVFL-D2 with ball & tap 777931
G 2″ Liquid Separator EVFL-CT-2A; automatic 777941
G 3″ Liquid Separator EVFL-CT-3A; automatic 777942

Accessories for EVFL-D2

Ordering Information Liquid separator
Key for Liquid Separator 777932
Clear Cup for Liquid Separator 777933
Gasket for Cup of the Liquid Separator 777934
Drain valve for the Liquid Separator 777935
Elbow hose tube for liquid Separator 777936
Straight hose tube for the Liquid Separator 777937
Gasket for hose tube of the Liquid Separator 777938
Ball for the liquid Separator 777939