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Oil mist filter with KF-connection

These oil mist filters can be mounted on the exhaust side of the EVD-vacuum pumps to minimize the output of oil mist. Eurovacuum offers the following filters with KF-connection:

  • EF-25A for EVD- 6, 12, 24 & 36
  • EF-40A for EVD- 48, 60 & 90

Part Number

Ordering Information EF-25A
Oil mist Filter EF-25A 420910A
Centering DN 25 KF, SS/FPM 21068C
Clamp DN 25 KF, Al 21002C
Sealing Set for EF-25A 420915A
Filter cartridge for EF-25A 420916A
Ordering Information EF-40A
Oil mist Filter EF-40A 424910A
Centering DN 40 KF, SS/FPM 21070C
Clamp DN 40 KF, Al 21003C
Sealing Set for EF-40A 424915A
Filter cartridge for EF-40A 424916A


Technical Data EF-25A
Vacuum connections DN25KF
Filter efficiency 98%
Housing Metal
Seals FPM
Technical Data EF-40A
Vacuum connections DN40KF
Filter efficiency 98%
Housing Metal
Seals FPM