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PA-M medium filter

PA-M medium filter
These filters PA-M filters are designed for use with vacuum pumps and on vacuum systems, but also withstand high pressures up to 10 bar to make it possible to use on compressors. They are 100% airtight, even after repeated cartridge changes. Because of the see-through housing it is easy to see if the cartridge needs to be changed or if the filter unit is clogged. The filter work well with fine dust and they can not corrode or rust. Changing the filter can be done by removing the bowl with the hand and clean or change the filter cartridge. The bowl is closed to the housing by a gasket.

Part Number

Ordering Information PA-M medium filter
PA-M filter with G 1/4″ connections 777011
PA-M filter with G 3/8″ connections 777012
PA-M filter with G 1/2″ connections 777013
Wall mounting bracket 777500
Spare Cartridge set 5µm (5 p/set) 777111
Spare Cartridge set 35µm (5 p/set) 777211
Spare Cartridge set 80µm (5 p/set) 777311


Technical Data PA-M medium filter G 1/4″ – G 3/8″ – G 1/2″
Bowl material Copolyester
Head material Polypropylene
Gasket material NBR
Filter cartridge material  PE  5µm, 35µm or 80µm
Temperature Min./Max. °C 5 – 50
Maximum pressure bar 10 bar (at 24°C max.)



Dimensions in mm

Dimensions A B C
PA-M medium filter G 1/4″ 75 94.5 84.5
PA-M medium filter G 3/8″ 75 98.5 86.5
PA-M medium filter G 1/2″ 75 102.5 88.5