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Zeotile absorption traps

These vacuum traps can be used to protect a variety of vacuum pump technologies from particulate, liquid, aerosol and vapor contaminants migrating from a process. Multiple insert options and configurations are available to ensure pumps are properly protected. The trap minimizes pump oil contamination resulting in significantly fewer oil changeouts and reduced maintenance costs.


  • Prevent back streaming
  • Remove hydrocarbons
  • Trap condensable vapors
  • Reduce overall maintenance costs
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • All Stainless Steel construction

Part Number

Connection Part number
Zeolite absorption trap KF16 779200
Zeolite absorption trap KF25 779201
Zeolite absorption trap KF40 779202


Technical Data KF16 KF25 KF40
Vacuum range mbar atm. to 10E-3
Leak rate mbarl/s 10E-7
Dimensions DxH mm 133×206
Housing material stainless steel
Material seal Viton