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MAG050 MAG060

Cold Cauthode Gauges – Passive

The INFICON passive Cold Cathode Gauge Heads MAG050 and MAG060 are designed for use with the INFICON Vacuum Gauge Controller VGC083C. They are constructed of a compact metal design resulting in a simple yet rugged gauge suitable for numerous industrial applications. Gauge Head MAG050 utilizes an elastomer internal seal while the MAG060 gauge head uses a metal seal allowing pressure measurements in the UHV range.The Gauge Head assembly can be easily disassembled and cleaned allowing Long term use with minimal down time. A Gauge Head ignition aid mounted on the anode improves the time it takes to set the Cold Cathode Gauge Head on.MAG050 measures down to 2×10-9 mbar while MAG060 is able to measure down to 1×10-10  mbar.MAG050 is bakeable up to 150°C and it is mainly intended for use in different industrial applications.MAG060 bakeable up to 250 °C and radiation resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for for the use in R&D applications.


  • Reliable and proven gauge head design
  • Bakeable to 150 °C (MAG050) or 250 °C (MAG060)
  • Good ignition properties
  • Corrosion resistant with ceramic feed through
  • MAG060 radiation resistant design
  • Easy to maintain

Part Number

MAG050 Art.No.
DN 25 ISO-KF 399-840
DN 40 ISO-KF 399-841
DN 40 CF-F 399-842
MAG060 Art.No.
DN 40 ISO-KF 399-845
DN 40 CF-F 399-846