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Vacuum Gauge Controller

The INFICON Vacuum Gauge Controller 031 (VGC031) is designed for use in conjunction with the INFICON Pirani Gauge Enhanced 050 (PGE050) and acts as a convenient power supply, control and readout. VGC031 and PGE050 are a flexible combination to monitor your vacuum system in the range from 1.3 × 10-4 up to 1333 mbar (1 × 10-4 up to 1000 Torr). The VGC031 with its space saving panel mount housing supports a variety of technical features as 2 set point relays, 4 user selectable analog outputs and offers additionally RS232/ RS485 digital interfaces. The bright, sharp and clear OLED display with the integrated keypad user interface rounds out this user friendly vacuum gauge controller package. The rugged industrial design makes the VGC031 in combination with the convection enhanced PGE050 gauge sensor a very good choice for many vacuum applications were economical vacuum measurement from low to high vacuum range is required.


  •   Display`s and controls wide measurement range from 1.3 × 10-4 up to 1333 mbar (1 × 10-4 up to 1000 Torr).
  •   Bright digital OLED display with keypad for simple set up and Operation
  •   4 user selectable analog output signals
  •   2 set point relays
  •   RS232/ RS485 digital Interface
  •   Space saving design – 1/8-DIN panel mount housing for rack mount installation or as standalone unit
  •   Powered through user supplied 12 to 28 V (dc) or by INFICON’s VGC031 Power Supply
  •   Compliance & standards: CE, RoHS
  •   VGC031 controller and PGE050 convection enhanced vacuum gauge sensor and cable can direct drop in   replace Granville-Phillips®  375 and 475 controllers and 275 Convectron®  gauge sensors and gauge cable   (Remote   interface, relay and power connectors are different)
    (Granville-Phillips® and Mini-Convectron® are registered trademarks of MKS Instruments, Andover, MA)

Typical Applications

  • Fore vacuum pressure measurement
  • General vacuum measurement and control form low to the high vacuum range

Part Number

Part Number Description
399-570 VGC031 Gauge Controller
399-575 Power Supply for VGC031


  1. TIBA57E1 VGC031