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Contura S400


The innovative Contura S400 Leak detector offers manufacturers of packaging machines,  food and Pharma industry, in general, a unique solution for seal inspection in Capsules, MAP- and other types of packaging in accordance with DIN EN 1779 and in close resemblence to ASTM F2338-09. Unless other solutions it can detect gross leaks as well as fine leaks which are undetectable by the naked eye or by the water bath method (also known as “bubble test”).  The unique technology of Contura S400 can detect any leak (not only seal damage) without the need for tracer gas and at the same time without damage to the package.


Operating this seal tester is also simple and accurate. The flexible test chamber consists of two highly elastic membranes. By creating a vacuum, these membranes tightly enclose the tested package. The leak detector analyzes the pressure increase in a few seconds. Contura S400 Seal Tester can then detect even the smallest leaks rapidly and reliably.


  • Even small leaks (size < 10 μm) can be detected in seconds
  • Detection of gross leaks even in packages with little headspace
  • Immediate display of seal testing results
  • Storage and evaluation of seal testing results
  • Designed according to DIN ISO certified documented output inspection
  • Large touchscreen display
  • Testing of individual or multiple packages
  • Mobile stand-alone solution for different seal testing applications in a variety of production lines
  • Electronic operation requires no compressed air
  • Simple and safe cleaning to meet the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry

Typical Applications

  • Quality assurance/seal inspection/checks
    • For seal testing of food and Pharma packaging
    • Allows Food manufacturers to check if newly delivered packaging machines produce tight packaging

Part Number

Part Number Description
570-000 Leak detection station Contura S400


Type Contura S400
Weight kg 54
Device dimensions LxWxH 725x535x475
usable chamber size LxWxH 400x350x200
Smallest detectable hole diameter µm <10
Warm-up time min < 1
Test duration s <12
Calibration With the Inficon Calibration-Kit
Casing Stainless steel / (Edelstahl) IP 20D
Display Touchscreen 7″
Electrical supply 115/230V / 47 Hz-63 Hz
Interfaces USB / Network / Serial


12339 Dual Gas Sniffer Cal Leak Helium /H2
520-250 CalMate
521-015 Adapter customer sniffer line P3000XL
521-016 Oil / Water Protection Tip for SL3000XL
521-017 Filter for Oil/Water Protection Tip
521-018 Sniffer tip ST312XL, 120 mm, rigid
521-019 Sniffer tip FT312XL, 120 mm, flexible
521-020 Sniffer tip ST385XL, 385 mm, rigid
521-021 Sniffer tip FT385XL, 385 mm, flexible
521-022 Sniffer tip FT250XL, 250 mm, flexible
521-035 Adapter customer sniffer line P3000XL
560-310 I/O 1000 module
560-315 BM1000 Profibus module
560-316 BM1000 PROFINET IO
560-317 BM1000 DeviceNet
560-318 BM1000 EtherNet/IP(TM)


Part Number Description
12237 Test leak for Helium S-TL4
12322 Cal leak, Forming Gas 5%H2
12339 Dual Gas Sniffer Cal Leak Helium /H2


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