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UL1000 Fab

Dry Helium Leak Detector UL1000 Fab
A new Dimension in Stability and Responsiveness on Leaks down to 10 -12 atm/css. The INFICON UL1000 Fab Mobile Helium
Leak Detector is specifically designed to meet the requirements of semiconductor applications. Making ease of use, leak detection efficiency and mobility within the fab environment system priorities, the UL1000 Fab provides an extremely fast leak rate response across all measurement ranges.

The UL1000 Fab offers never before seen leak rate stability down to < 5×10-12 atm cc/s through an optimised vacuum architecture that combines high helium pumping speed and high inlet pressures. Proprietary software, I-CAL (Intelligent Calculation Algorithm of Leak Rates), allows you to forget long response times in low leak rate ranges as the UL1000 Fab responds quickly to all leak rate ranges.

With the addition of the TC1000 Test Chamber accessory, the UL1000 Fab Helium Leak Detector provides easy, fast and accurate testing of hermetically sealed parts like IC packages, quartz crystals and laser diodes (according to MIL-STD 883, Method 1014).


  • wide measurement range over 15 decades
  • short pumpdown and response time
  • mobile all-metal housing for added convenience with uncompromised maneuverability
  • I-CAL to ensure fastest response time to leaks in all measurement ranges
  • zero function with automatic integration time alignment for fast and reliable test results
  • intelligent vacuum design with rugged scroll pump and multiple inlet turbomolecular pump that provides high helium pumping speed with high compression
  • rotatable display and user interface allows simple and easy control and interaction with the unit
  • self-protection features to protect the UL1000 Fab from helium and particle contamination
  • auto purge cycle to ensure clean up and readiness for test
  • software updates via email
  • rugged mass spectrometer system with two filament ion source (3-year warranty) ensures long running time and low maintenance cost
  • built-in test leak for internal calibration to ensure accurate test results

Typical Applications

  • maintenance work on semiconductor process tools, with or without support from their own pump
  • applications requiring high pumping speed and senstivity, plus clean testing conditions
  • leak testing of components before they are installed in existing tools
  • inspections and installations of process gas systems
  • built-in software menu “Auto Leak Test” function to perform automatic test of hermetically sealed components with the TC1000 Test Chamber

Part Number

Dry Helium Leak Detetector UL1000 Fab
Part Number Description
550-100A UL1000 Fab, 230 V AC, EU plug
550-101A UL1000 Fab, 100/115 V AC, US plug


Type Dry Helium Leak Detetector UL1000 Fab
Min. detectable leak rate for Helium ( Vacuum mode ) mbar•L/s <5E-12
Min. detectable leak rate for Helium ( Vacuum mode ) mbar•L/s <5E-12
Min. detectable leak rate for Helium ( Sniffer mode ) mbar•L/s 8E-8
Max. Inlet pressure GROSS mode mbar 15
Max. Inlet pressure FINE mode mbar 2
Max. Inlet pressure ULTRA mode mbar 0.4
Pumping speed during evacuation m³/h 25 at 50 Hz
Helium pumping speed GROSS mode L/s max. 8
Helium pumping speed FINE mode L/s 7
Helium pumping speed ULTRA mode L/s 2.5
Detectable masses 2,3,4 amu
Mass spectrometer Sector field 180°
Filaments ion source Iridium/Yttria coated 2
Calibrated built in leak mbar•L/s e-7
Test port DN 25 KF 1
Adjustable triggers 2
Interface RS 232
Chart recorder output V 2 x10
IN/Outputs PLC compatible
Permissable ambient temperature ( during operation ) °C +10…..+40
Type of protection IP 20
Weight kg 110
Dimensions ( LxWxH ) mm 1068x525x850
Supply voltage V (ac) 230 (+-10% )50Hz
Supply voltage V (ac) 230 (+-10% )50Hz
Supply voltage V (ac) 230 (+-10% )50Hz
Power consumption VA 1100


Dry Helium Leak Detetector UL1000 Fab
Part Number Description
14005 SL200, Sniffer Probe for UL1000/5000/Modul1000, 4m length
14022 Extension cable for remote control RC1000, 8 m length
14090 LeakWare for UL1000/5000-Family
551-000 Toolbox, detachable,for UL1000
551-001 Helium Bottle Holder for UL1000/5000
551-002 ESD Mat for UL1000/5000
551-005 TC1000Test Chamber,DN25KF,ESD wrist band
551-010 Remote Control RC1000C, wired, with 4m coiled cable
551-015 Remote Control RC1000WL, wireless, incl. wireless transmitter
551-020 Wireless transmitter for RC1000WL