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MOLYKOTE DC High Vacuum Grease

Stiff, nonmelting silicone lubricating Vacuum Grease
Features & benefits
• Reduces wear in plastic-to-metal and rubber-to-metal contact
• Low volatility
• Excellent resistance to water, chemicals, and high and low temperatures
• Meets requirements of FDA 21 CFR 175.300
• Silicone oil
• Inorganic thickener


Seals and lubricates chemical processing equipment.
Lubricating plug valves, control valves, flow meter bearings, ceramic plug cocks, fire extinguisher valves, water treating equipment, synthetic
rubber gaskets and seals in high-temperature applications.
Sealing vacuum and pressure systems. Lubricating O-rings in binoculars and telescopes; prevents fogging of delicate lenses.

Chemical resistance

MOLYKOTE® DC High-Vacuum Grease is unaffected by most vegetable and minerals oils, many organic compounds, and most
common gases.
It is also resistant to most aqueous solutions of inorganic salts and to dilute acids and alkalies.
The suitability of MOLYKOTE® High-Vacuum Grease should always be tested before the material is adopted for regular use.


MOLYKOTE® DC High-Vacuum Grease is insoluble in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone, glycol and glycerine.
It can be dispersed in kerosene, Stoddard solvent, benzene, toluene, ethyl ether or petroleum ether


Molykote DC High Vacuum Grease grease is available in:

50 gram tube – article number: 214-237A

For other quantities please consult Eurovacuum BV or one of our dealers.

Technical data

Color Translucent: white
Penetration, unworked, mm/10: 185
Penetration, worked 60, max,mm/10: 205
Penetration, worked 100,000, mm/10: 227
Service Temperature Range °C (°F) -40 to 204 (-40 to 400)
Bleed, after 24 hr at 200°C (392°F), max 0.05%
Evaporation, after 24 hr at 199°C (390°F), max 1.1%
Specific Gravity at 25°C (77°F)  1.0 g/cc
Drop Point °C (°F) >300 (572)
Water Spray Off: 1.65%