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Fomblin grease FU 090

Fomblin FU 090, perfluorpolyether grease, Ultratherm

Good lubricity and low vapor pressure
Grease for sliding elastomer seals under vacuum


Fomblin grease FU 090 is available in:

Tube 10 gram – article number: 214-238

For other quantities please consult Eurovacuum BV or one of our dealers.

Technical data

Lubricity: Good/very good
Temperature range: -20-200°C, -4-392°F, 253-473K
Vapor pressure at 100 °C: 1 · 10-8 mbar
Vapor pressure at 20 °C: 1 · 10-12 mbar
Vapor pressure at 200 °C: 1 · 10-5 mbar
Vapor pressure at 250 °C: 1 · 10-4 mbar
Resistance to chemicals: Very good
Resistance to oxidation: Very good
Resistance to thermal decomposition: Good

Safety Data Sheet

Not available yet