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Resin catch pot system

The Eurovacuum catch pot systems are designed for RTM (Resin Transfer Molding), Vacuum Pressing and Infusion applications. The feedthrough connection(s) in the see through lit of the chambers should be connected to the mold or vacuum bag. These connection are designed to allow the hose to fully go thru to protect the feedthrough from contamination of resin. The catch pot will protect the vacuum pump against entering of the resin. As the lit is see-through it allows the operator to stop the resin flow for each connection when needed

They available in the following sizes:

  • Catch pot with volume of 9 ltr and 1 feedthrough connections
  • Catch pot with a volume of 25 ltr and 4 feedthrough connections
  • Catch pot with a volume of 70 ltr and 4 feedthrough connections

The Eurovacuum catch pot systems includes: 1 or 4 mold feedthrough connections: 10mm in the lit, connection hose for the vacuum pump, vacuum manometer, blocking & venting valve, a choice of vacuum pumps.


Part Number

Ordering Information Catch pot systems
Catch pot/De-gassing chamber Alu 9 liter (no pump) 419005
Catch pot system Alu 9 liter with EVD-VE115SV 419030
Catch pot system Alu 9 liter with EVD-VE125SV 419031
Catch pot system Alu 9 liter with EVD-VE135SV 419032
Catch pot system Alu 9 liter with EVD-VE215SV 419033
Catch pot Alu 25 liter  (no pump) 419004
Catch pot Steel 70 liter (no pump) 419003


Technical Data Catch pot systems
Chamber material 9 & 25 ltr Aluminium
Chamber material 70 ltr Steel powder coated
No of feedthrough connections 9 ltr 1x 10mm
No of feedthrough connections 25 & 70 ltr 4x 10mm
Chamber dimensions 9 liter ØxH cm 22 x 22
Chamber dimensions 25 liter ØxH cm 30 x 30
Chamber dimensions 70 liter ØxH cm 45 x 45
End-pressure vacuum  % 98%



Consumables Catch pot systems
1 ltr EV-Highvacuum Oil-60 (EVD-VE pumps) 100400
1 ltr EV-Mineral Oil-32 (EV-0010, 0016 & 0021) 100110
1 ltr EV-Mineral Oil-100 (EV-0030 and bigger) 100100
1 mtr Rubber hose (9 & 25 ltr chambers) 419022
1 mtr PVC hose with steel spiral 12mm 119010
Hose clamps (9 & 25 ltr chambers) 419023
Chamber Sealing (9 ltr chamber) 419303A
Chamber Sealing (25 ltr chamber) 419103A
Chamber Sealing (70 ltr chamber) 419203
Paper dust filter cartridge (G 3/8″ filter housing) 018001
Paper dust filter cartridge (G 1/2″ filter housing) 028001
Paper dust filter cartridge (G 1-1/4″ filter housing) 208001
Feedthrough connection complete 419060