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Compact De-Gassing Systems

Vacuum systems are used to pull the air from a high viscosity material before using. Particularly useful when casting clear materials. These easy to use vacuum desiccators chambers are from Polypropylene and have a see-through lit made from Polycarbonate. Designed in mind for the versatile mold maker. These cambers are also used by model makers and hobbyists.

The chamber system consists of: see-through lit, Vacuum pump, 1 mtr Rubber hose, Vacuum manometer, blocking valve and venting valve.

Part Number

Ordering Information Compact De-Gassing Systems
Compact Vacuum Chamber 300mm with EVD-VE110 419014
Compact Vacuum Chamber 300mm with EVD-VE115SV 419015


Technical Data Compact De-Gassing Systems
Chamber material Polypropylene
See-through lit material Polycarbonate
Chamber dimensions compact ØxH mm 250×300
End-pressure vacuum  % 97%


Consumables Compact De-Gassing Systems
1 ltr EV-Highvacuum Oil-60 100400
1 mtr Rubber hose 419022
Hose clamps 419024
Venting valve 419503