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The EVC-0060B(CW) are Dry Running Claw pumps with pulley for belt drive

These pumps are commonly combined with an internal combustion engine. Due to this the pumps are often used in applications where there is no electric power available. Advantages of these pumps are:

  • No electric power needed
  • Robust pump for harsh applications
  • Compact design
  • Minor maintenance needed
  • Dry running
  • Air cooled, no cooling water needed

Part Number

Ordering information Art.No.
EVC-0060B; Counter Clock Wise rotation 601101
EVC-0060B; Clock Wise rotation 601201
EVC-0060B; Counter Clock Wise rotation; Nickel plated against corrosion 601111
EVC-0060B; Clock Wise rotation; Nickel plated against corrosion 601211


Specification Unit EVC-0060B(CW)
Nominal displacement m3/h 65
Ultimate vacuum level; maximum mbar 80
Ultimate vacuum level; continues operation mbar 150
Gear box oil capacity ltr 0,75
Pulley size SPA100-1
Nominal speed rpm 2200
Weight kg 74
Admissible  ambient temperature °C 5 to 40
Connection inlet G(BSP) 1-1/2″
Connection outlet G(BSP) 1″


Accessoires Art.No.
Inlet dust filter with paper cartridge G 1-1/2″ 602025


Consumables Art.No.
Repair spray coating; can 400ml 10048900
Gasket kit 10049000
Overhaul kit 10050000
Gear box oil type EV-Gear Oil-150 (1 ltr) 100500
Gear box oil type EV-Gear Oil-150 (5 ltr) 100502
Gear box oil type EV-Gear Oil-150 (20 ltr) 100503
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (paper) 208001
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (polyester) 208101
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (inox mesh) 208201
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (activated charcoal) 208301