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Augent OPG550

Optical Plasma Vacuum Gauge

The INFICON AugentTM Optical Plasma Gauge is a compact and intelligent solution for vacuum monitoring. AugentTM combines two sensor technologies into one compact device for gas type monitoring from 1 x 10-7 to 5 mbar and to measure total pressure from 1 x 10-7 mbar to atmosphere at the same time. AugentTM is protected by an integrated Pirani sensor to switch off plasma above 20 mbar. The fast optical measurement principle allows the detection of in principle any type of gas.


  • High speed leak detection allows chamber leak test
  • Increase of productivity and yield
  • Long life time, no filament burns, air inrush protection
  • Withstand process chemistry
  • Smart algorithm for easy integration
  • Compact design and small footprint
  • Reliable and fast start up

Typical Applications

  • Chamber leak check, faster RoR (rate of rise) test
  • Leak check to find internal leaks from gas supply lines
  • Real time end point control
  • Gas type and concentrations control

Part Number

Part Number Description
3OF0-001-010P OPG550 9DSub, 16-KF
3OF0-003-010P OPG550 9DSub, 16-CF-R
3OF0-006-010P OPG550 9DSub, 25-KF
3OF0-00E-010P OPG550 9DSub, 8-VCR f
3OF0-011-010P OPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,16KF
3OF0-013-010P OPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,16CF-R
3OF0-01E-010P OPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,8-VCR f
3OF1-016-010P OPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,25KF
3OF1-017-010P OPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,40KF
3OF1-01Q-010P OPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,40CF-F


Type OPG550
Measurement system Cold Cathode according inverted magnetron principle and Thermal conductivity according Pirani principle
Measurement range N2 1×10-7 … 5
Detection limit 25 liter chamber
O2 leaks in pressure rise method mTorr/min >0.3
O2 leaks during pump down from atmosphere with N2 backfill mTorr/min >1
Accuracy total pressure reading N2
1 x 10-7 … 100 mbar % of reading 30
100 … 1000 mbar % of reading 50
Repeatability total pressure reading N2
1 x 10-7 … 100 mbar % of reading 5
Limited to inert gases < 50°C bar (absolute) <10
Operation (ambient) °C +5 … +50
Storage °C -20 … +70
Bakeout at flange with electronic unit °C <80
Bakeout at flange w/o electronic unit °C <120
Relative humidity for 30 days a year
Humidity % <95 (non-condensing)
Supply voltage
At gauge V (dc) +14.5 … +30
Ripple V (p-p) <1
Power consumption W <5
Fuse to be connected AT 1
Output signal
Analog V (dc) 0 … +10
Digital Digital RS232C
Electrical connection D-Sub, 9-pin, male
High voltage (in the measuring chamber)
Ignition voltage kV <4.5
Operating voltage kV <3.3
Materials exposed to vacuum
General General Al2O3, Stainless seel 1.4435
Anode Anode Molybdenum
Ionization chamber Ionization chamber Titanium, stainless steel 1.4016
Ignition aid Ignition aid Stainless steel 1.4310
Vacuum flange ½ in. tube (spiral baffle):

DN16 ISO-KF, DN16 CF-R, 8-VCR female


1 in. tube (standard baffle):


Internal volume cm³ (in.³) < 46 (2.81)
Weight g <700
Footprint mm 68 x 68
Height mm < 154
Protection type IP40
Standards CE