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ATM to Medium Vacuum Gauge

The INFICON Pirani Gauge Enhanced 050 (PGE050) is the passive version of our active convection enhanced Pirani gauges PGE300 and PGE500. Equipped with the same sensor technology, the PEG050 works in conjunction with our VGC031 passive gauge controller unit to produce the same higher accuracy readings in the measurement range between 100 to 1000 mbar. With its wider measuring range and higher accuracy, especially at lower pressures, the PGE050 is the first choice when replacing thermocouple gauges in your vacuum system. The rugged gauge and sensor design makes the PGE050 a high value/low cost of ownership choice and qualifies this gauge for many applications where an economical vacuum measurement from low to high vacuum range is required.


  • Convection Enhanced Pirani Technology for wide measurement range and higher accuracy near atmosphere
  • Gold plated tungsten filament
  • Mechanical strength, highly robust and less susceptible to mechanical shock and vibration
  • Choice of flange options
  • Compliance & standards: CE, RoHS
  • Direct drop in replaces Granville-Phillips® Convectron® gauge sensor (same plug/ pinouts)(Granville-Phillips®, Convectron® and Mini-Convectron® are registered trademarks of MKS Instruments, Andover, MA)
  • PGE050 accepts Granville-Phillips® Convectron® controllers, cables and modules(Granville-Phillips®, Convectron® and Mini-Convectron® are registered trademarks of MKS Instruments, Andover, MA)
  • Ideal gauge sensor for upgrading your installed thermocouple gauges

Typical Applications

  • Fore vacuum pressure measurement
  • General vacuum measurement and control form low to the high vacuum range

Part Number



Type PGE050 Tungsten gold plated
Measurement range mbar 1.3 x 10-4 … 1333
Accuracy (N2)
1.3 × 10-4 … 1.3 × 10-3 mbar 0.1 x 10-3 mbar resolution
1.3 × 10-3 … 530 mbar % of reading +10
530 … 1333 mbar % of reading +2.5
1 × 10-4 … 1 × 10-3 Torr 0.1 mTorr resolution
1 × 10-3 … 400 Torr % of reading +10
400 … 1000 Torr % of reading +2.5
Repeatability (N2) % of reading +2
Admissible temperature
Operation °C 0 … +50
Bakeout °C ≤150
Materials exposed to vacuum gold-plated tungsten, 304 & 316 stainless steel, glass, nickel, Teflon®
Internal volume cm³ (in.³) 26 (1.589)
Internal surface area 59.7 cm2 (9.25 in2)
Weight g 85

User Manuals

  1. User Manual PGE050 EN