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The INFICON Vacuum Gauge Display VGD500 connects to our CDG product line to provide a 4 Digit Display. It`s a small unit which Displays the pressure of the gauge. The pressure reading is selectable in pressure unit Torr, mTorr, mbar and Pa.


  • 4 Digit display for easy read out
  • Large 10mm active LED display –
    readable from distance and wide range gauge of angle
  • In-line plug design
  • 15pin D-Sub, no extra power connection
  • Compact small size
  • Compatible with all Fullscale 100mTorr
  • pressure Units selectable (Torr, mTorr, mbar and Pa)
  • CE certified

Part Number

Part Number Description
399-653 VGD500 Vacuum Gauge Display


Type VGD500
Display 4 digits
Gauge Side D-Sub, 15-pin, female
Measurement cable side D-Sub, 15-pin, male
Signal digital input RS232
Pressure unit (adjustable) Torr (default), mTorr, mbar, Pa
Power consumption W ≤1
Voltage +14 …+30V (dc) or +/-15V (ac)
Degree of protection IP 40
Admissible temperature
Operation +5 … +50°C
Storage -20 … +85°C
Use indoors only
Connectable gauges in the measurement range (F.S.) 0.1mbar/Torr to 1000mbar/Torr CDG025D / -S, CDG025D-X3, CDG045D … CDG200D, CDG045D2 … CDG100D2
Weight 58g
Dimensions 50x63x34mm