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The EVDR-V008 Oil free rotary vane Vacuum pump

The EVDR vacuum pumps are able to run 24 hours a day and specially suited for harsh industrial applications. They are supplied with self-lubricated long life graphite vanes to insure a long time between service, combined with the easy accessible service of the pump, this results in a very short service down time for the EVDR-series. Due to its reliability and Oil free operation the pump is often used in applications like:

  • Vacuum packaging
  • Degassing of materials
  • Drying
  • Holding and/or lifting
  • Evacuation
  • Forming or laminating
  • Vacuum toilet systems

Part Number

Ordering information Art.No.
EVDR-V008-1; 1 phase; 240V; 50/60Hz 641008


Specification Unit 50 Hz 60 Hz
Nominal displacement m3/h 8,0 9,6
Ultimate vacuum level mbar 150 150
Motor power kW 0,37 0,44
Nominal speed rpm 1420 1700
Weight approx kg 13 13
Cooling medium air air
Admissible ambient temperature °C 0-40 0-40
Connection inlet G(BSP) 1/2″ 1/2″


Accessoires Art.No.
Inlet dust filter with paper cartridge G 3/4″ 03800
Vacuum limitation valve (mechanical) 640091


Consumables Art.No.
Exhaust filter cartridge 640222A
Carbon vane set (7 piece) 640211A
Maintenance kit; includes: vanes and filter 640299A
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (paper) 028001
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (polester) 028101
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (metal mesh) 028201
Inlet filter replacement cartridge (active coal) 028301

Pumping speed curve



Dimensions (mm) a b c d e f g h i
EVDR-V008 314 302 263 161 140 7,5 90,5 94,5 104,5
j k l m n o p q
24,5 132,5 82 168 176,5 112 131,5 10