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The EVR-series are robust Vacuum Roots Booster Pumps

These Roots pumps are excelent tools to boost up your pumping speed and the reach a much better ultimate vacuum. These EVR-series Roots pump are useally combined with the pre-vacuum pumps of the following series: EV-series, EVD-series. The pumps can be supplied with an optional bypass system and valve, this bypass system allows the Roots pump to be started already at atmosphere at the same time as the pre-vacuum pump. The pump has a magnetic drive, this magnetic drive eliminates allows the pump to run without a shaft seal, so it reduces downtime and service costs. Due to the lower ultimate vacuum the pump is oftenly used in applications like:

  • Vacuum packaging
  • Vacuum metallurgy
  • Thin film coating
  • Spae simulation
  • Freeze drying
  • Vacuum impregnation
  • Low density wind tunnels
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Drying and de-gassing

Part Number

Ordering information Art.No.
EVR-4500M (with magnetic drive); 3 phase; 230V; 50/60Hz 665021
EVR-4500BM (with bypass and magnetic drive); 3 phase; 230V; 50/60Hz 665031


Specification Unit 50 Hz 60 Hz
Nominal displacement m3/h 4320 5200
Ultimate vacuum mbar 3×10-4 3×10-4
Delta P of the relieve valve mbar 44 44
Motor power kW 11 11
Nominal speed rpm 2900 3480
Type of protection IP 55 55
Oil filling for the gearbox ltr 7,5 7,5
Weight (B/M/BM version) kg 750 (850/766/866) 750 (850/766/866)
Noise level dB 78 80
Connection inlet DIN 250 250
Connection outlet DIN 200 200


Accessoires Art.No.
Adapter set for ISO-K flanges; Inlet DN 250 ISO-K 665701
Adapter set for ISO-K flanges; Outlet DN 200 ISO-K 665702


Consumables Art.No.
Sealing kit for EVR-4500M 665921
Sealing kit for EVR-4500BM 665931
Maintenance kit for the EVR-4500M 665922
Maintenance kit for the EVR-4500BM 665932
Standard oil filling 1 ltr 100400

Pumping speed curve




Dimensions (mm) L0 L1 L2 L3 L4 H1 H2
EVR-4500 1700 500 316 948 26 675 65
H3 W1 W2 W3 4-ØC
250 520 650 430 4-Ø24