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The EVSC-D Double Stage Side Channel Blowers

The EVSC-D Channel Blowers are Double Stage Blowers and therefor used in applications that require a high air flow and a high pressure or vacuum. These pumps are designed for industrial applications and can run 24 hours a day. They require little maintenance and are easy in use. They are universal build to run in Vacuum or Compressed Air applications. When using the Blower for a vacuum application the inlet should be connected to the application and the exhaust blows into the atmosphere. When used for compressed air applications the inlet should be connected to the atmosphere and the exhaust will be able to supply compressed air to the system. It is highly recommended to use a pressure limitation valve in both applications. The EVSC-D Blowers will be found Worldwide in these applications :

  • Pneumatic conveying, Filling of bags/bottles/hoppers
  • Lifting and holding of parts by vacuum
  • Aeration of sewage-treatment plants, Aeration of fish ponds
  • Thermoforming, Packing machines
  • Sorting/enveloping of letters, Paper processing
  • Food-processing, Textile machines
  • Dental suction equipment, Gas analysis
  • Printers/copiers, Laser printers
  • Swimming pool equipment/whirlpools
  • Soil remediation

Part Number

Ordering information Art.No.
EVSC-D74B3; 3 phase; 400V; 50Hz/ 460V; 60Hz 142374


Specification Unit 50 Hz 60 Hz
Motor power kW 7,5 8,6
Maximum airflow m³/h 320 385
Ultimate pressure level mbar +570 +660
Ultimate vacuum level mbar -440 -460
Input voltage 3 phase Δ V 345-415 380-480
Input voltage 3 phase Y V 600-690 660-720
Input current Δ A 16,7 17,3
Input current Y A 9,6 10,0
Noise level dB(A) 73 76
Weight approx kg 77 77
Cooling medium air air
Connection inlet G(BSP) 2″ 2″
Connection outlet G(BSP) 2″ 2″


Accessoires Art.No.
Vacuum inlet dust filter with paper cartridge G 2″ 50800
Compressor suction filter G 2″ 140026
Set of feet for horizontal positioning 140012
Metal vacuum/pressure relief valve G 1-1/4″; range 0-600mbar 140065
Preset value service; factory pre-setting of the relief valve to customers required value 000024

Pumping speed curve