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Intermediate Piece Insulated

INFICON CF quality fittings are manufactured according to ISO 3669 and the latest TS/ ISO 3669-2 standard. INFICON Ultra high vacuum fittings are designed for applications down to 1 x 10-12 mbar and bakeout temperatures up to 400°C.


  • World wide logistics
  • Design and measures follow strictly international respected standards
  • Surface finish, welds, material specifications and cleanliness meet or exceed high vacuum specifications
  • 2011/65/EU RoHS compliant

Part Number

Ordering Information Art.No.
Insulated intermediate piece DN 40 CF 213-212
Insulated intermediate piece DN 63 CF 213-213


Type DN 40 CF DN 63 CF
Dimension A 70 mm 90 mm
Dimension B 1 mm 1 mm
Dimension C 1 mm 1 mm
Dimension D 25 mm 53 mm
Dimension E 30 mm 45 mm
Dimension F 34,5 mm 66 mm
Dimension G 44 mm 65 mm
Flanges: Stainless steel 304L / 1.4306 Stainless steel 304L / 1.4306
Insulator: Ceramic AI2O3 Ceramic AI2O3
Transition insulator/flange: FeNi FeNi
Bakeout temperature: 350° C 350° C
G= Surface leakage 20 kV at 10E-4 mbar Surface leakage 20 kV at 10E-4 mbar