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Leaks for Helium Vacuum Leak Detectors

Calibration test leaks with gas reservoir for vacuum applications

Various types with different leak rate ranges:

TL7 :  Capillary leak with helium gas reservoir

and manual valve Leak rate range 10 E-7 mbar l/s

Connecting flange DN10KF

TL8/9: Permeation leak with helium gas reservoir

and  manual valve

Special quartz bulb with a high helium permeation rate adjusts the constant gas flow.

Leak rate range 10 E-8 mbar l/s or  10 E-9 mbar l/s

Connecting flange DN10KF

TL3-5/ TL4-6: Universal gas source for the fast insert in a variety of applications.

Helium capillary leak for vacuum  and sniffing applications.

Adjustable leak rate in the range between 10E-3 to 10E-5 mbar l /s .

Besides helium, which is included in delivery, the TL4-6 is also usable with different kind of gases.

Connecting flange DN 10 KF


  • Inured to pollution
  • Metal-free flow reduction for low temperature dependences
  • Detemination of the nominal leak rate by comparison with a calibrated leak having a PTB certificate
  • Inspection certificate ( included ) in accordance to DIN EN 10204:2004-3-3.1
  • DAKKS certificate(optional ) traceable to PTB

Typical Applications

Vacuum and Sniffing Leak Detection Applications

Part Number

Part Number Description
11514 Test leak TL7, DAkkS calibrated
14210 Test leak TL7 with hand valve
14408 Test leak TL9
15580 Test leak TL 4-6 with helium reservoir
15581 Test leak TL 3-5 with helium reservoir
16557 Helium test leak TL8
16557DKD Helium test leak TL8, DAkkS calibrated