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Ecotec E3000

Multigas Sniffer Leak Detector Ecotec E3000
The INFICON Ecotec  E3000 multi-gas leak detector is bringing new levels of productivity and reliability to the final leak testing of refrigerators, freezers, automotive air conditoners and similar products. Leaks that are not found increase your warranty costs. False alarms increase your rework costs. Therefore, improving the accuracy and reliability of your testing operation will provide immediate cost savings.

The Ecotec E3000 leak detector is specifically designed for demanding production environments. Numerous features make it easy and comfortable to use while making it more immune to careless operation and minimizing operator errors. It is also fast, to make the best use of your available cycle time. Innovative design and robustness keep the cost of ownership down and ensure very high up-time.


  • Improved system design compensates for poor sniffing operation reducing the potential for missed leaks
  • IGS (Interfering Gas Suppression) ensures only leaks are detected.
  • Built-in ECO-Check reference leak allows for easy and fast calibration at the production line at any time
  • Multiple alarms make sure leaks can not be overlooked
  • I-Guide (operator-guiding mode) ensures your operator tests the right locations with the right technique
  • Unit can be operated via the probe display and probe buttons without access to the main unit
  • Built-in illumination source on the probe helps precisely position the sniffer tip
  • Ergonomic probe design allows for easy and comfortable use
  • Operating software is available in many languages

Typical Applications

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Automotive air conditoners and similar products

Part Number

Ecotec E3000
Part Number Description
530-001 Ecotec E3000 Multi Gas Leak Detecor 230V
530-002 Ecotec E3000 Leak Detector, 115 V
530-101 Ecotec E3000A, 230V, Aviation package
530-102 Ecotec E3000A, 115V, Aviation package
530-103 Ecotec E3000, RC, Multi Gas LD, 230V
530-104 Ecotec E3000, RC, Multi Gas LD, 115V


Ecotec E3000
Part Number Description
12209 Sniffer tip FT600, 600mm, flexible
12213 Sniffer Tip ST 312,120mm rigid
12214 Sniffer tip FT312, 120mm flexible
12215 Sniffer tip ST385, 385mm, rigid
12216 Sniffer tip FT385, 385mm, flexible
12218 Sniffer tip ST200, 200mm, rigid
12246 Water protection tip for SL3000
12266 Sniffer tip FT250, 250mm, flexible
12272 Sniffer tip, rigid, 400 mm. 45°angled
525-001 SL3000-3,sniffer line 3m length
525-002 SL3000-5,sniffer line 5m length
525-003 SL3000-10, sniffer line 10m length
525-004 SL3000-15 sniffer line 15m length
525-005 customer sniffer line adapterE3000/P3000
525-006 Holder for sniffer line SL3000
525-007 Cover for reference leak port
551-100 Display unit, table top use
551-101 Display unit, rack installation
551-102 Connecting cable, display unit, 5m
551-103 Connecting cable, display unit, 0.7m


Ecotec E3000
Part Number Description
12220 Test leak for refrigerant R134a 2-5g/a
12221 test leak for refrigerant R600a, 2-5g/a
12222 Test leak for refrigerant R404a, 2-5g/a
12223 Test leak for refrigerant R502a,2-5g/a
12225 Test leak for refrigerant R22, 2-5g/a
12227 Test leak for refrigerantR152a, 2-5g/a
12228 Test leak for refrigerant R407c, 2-5g/a
12229 Test leak for refrigerant R410a,2-5g/a
12230 Test leak for refrigerant R401a, 2-5g/a
12231 Test leak for refrigerant R290,7-8g/a
12232 Test leak for refrigerant CO2, 2-3.5g/a
12233 Test leak 10%H2,90% Helium
12234 Test leak for HalonR13B1,Halon 2-5g/a
12235 Test Leak HFO-1234 YF, 2-5 g/a
12240 Test leak for refrigerant R134a,10-12g/a
12241 Test leak for refrigerant R600a,15-18g/a
12242 Test leak for refrigerant R404a,14-17g/a
12243 Test leak for refrigerant R502a,12-15g/a
12275 Test leak for refrigerant CO2,10-14g/a
531-001 ECO-CHECK, R134


Type Ecotec E3000
Min. detectable leak rate for
Helium 1E-6 mbarl/s
R134a 0.05 g/a (0.002 oz/yr)
R600a 0.05 g/a (0.002 oz/yr)
Measuring scale 0.05 – 999.99 g/a (0.015 – 99.999 oz/yr)
Response time incl. sniffer line 0.8s
Max No. of gases detected simultaneously 4
Leak rate units g/a, oz/y, mbar l/s, ppm, Pa m3/s
Gas flow 160 sccm
Start-up time < 2 min
Ambient temperature range 10 – 45 °C (50 – 113 °F)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 610 x 370 x 265 mm (24 x 14.6 x 10.4 in)
Weight 34 kg (75 lbs)